9 November 2023

Lithuanian Exhibition and
Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius

web3 by TGS Baltic
web3 by TGS Baltic
What to expect?

At a time of great uncertainty for many industries, we gather policymakers, founders, CEOs of technology companies and fast-growing startups, experts and tech geeks to discuss the realities and opportunities of WEB3 economy. Our mission will be to ask a simple question – is WEB3 economy shrinking its potential amid hostility from policymakers and weakening business outlook? Or is WEB3 becoming a resilient alternative amid global recession and cooling of traditional economy?

Who to expect?

Event will gather builders, investors, legal advisory, providers, data and IT experts, policymakers, NGOs and market leaders from all over the globe to exchange knowledge and discuss the most challenging WEB3 economy topics.

Event will embrace decentralized finances, DAO, metaverse, crypto economy, decentralized social networks, digital assets, central bank digital currencies, digital single market, technology convergence, self-sovereign identities, and more. Together we will talk about education, regulation, will study practical cases and will examine actual decentralized business models.

Here you will learn, share insights and connect with industry leaders, who are capable of harnessing the energy of uncertainty of chaos.

Vilnius is the 1st largest fintech hub in the EU in terms of licensed companies and is ranked the #10 Best country in the world for fintech. Lithuania is the leading country in the world by number of registered virtual assets service providers.

WEB3 Stage
Aušrinė Armonaitė
Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania

Aušrinė is the minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania. She also is a member of the Law and Order Committee, in the Parlament of the Republic of Lithuania. Previously Mrs. Armonaitė was working as an analyst of Lithuanian Business Confederation “ICC Lietuva”. Aušrinė was also volunteering and working for ten years in various Lithuanian and foreign organizations.

WEB3 Stage
Deborah Perry Piscione
Chief Executive Officer @ Work3 Institute; Co-author of “Employment is Dead!”

Through her years of research and hands-on work with many of Silicon Valley’s pioneer companies, Deborah has found the keys to building organizations into innovation machines and preparing leaders for the future.  She is the architect of Improvisational Innovation, a bottom’s up innovation process, where anyone in any corner of the company can bring forth new ideas in a trusted environment and be rewarded for it.  Adopted at Qualcomm, Tata Group, Nike, McKinsey & Co, among many other leading global companies, Deborah’s process has created a minimum of 10x ROI in new products and services for the company, and greatly assist in talent development as employees explore their passions.

Vaida Markevičienė 
Vice-Minister @ the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania)

Vaida currently is and has been for two year the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. Before Mrs. Vaida Markevičienė worked as an advisor to the President of the Republic of Lithuania on economic and innovation issues. She also was head of the Bank Restructuring Department of the Central Bank of Lithuania for three years. During her carrier, Mrs. Markevičiūtė had a number of internships in various organizations including but not limited to European Central Bank.

WEB3 Stage
J.D. Salbego
CEO @ Moonstax & Hash3 Labs

Founder and CEO of Moonstax, a no-coding needed platform that enables NFT businesses to manage, monetize and scale their projects across their entire ecosystem, is a Web3 industry veteran and a strategic leader in the blockchain space for over eight years. Prior to gDEX, J.D. founded AnRKey X, a top Polygon GameFi studio with 5 x #1 NFT Sales on Rarible and one of the first to innovate GameFi back in 2020 and is a familiar name in the gaming, NFT, and the Metaverse communities. Aside from being a startup mentor in the Web3 division of the global renowned accelerator Techstars, J.D. is a weekly on-air contributor on FintechTV Global live on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) covering the Web3 metaverse, gaming & NFTs markets. He is frequently quoted by leading blockchain and crypto media, and is a Web3 keynote speaker, presenting at over 45 leading conferences around the world.

WEB3 Stage
Aragorn Meulendijks
Futurist, Metaverse Critic, Believer & Speaker | Advisor | Explorer | StoryTeller @ ItsMrMetaverse

Inspired by luminaries like Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Sagan, and the audacity of Captains Kirk and Pike, Aragorn charts unexplored futures. Grounded in Stoic wisdom and driven by an explorer’s heart, he dives deep into Web3, AI, and XR, foreseeing a pulsating Virtual Age. His unique vision gives rise to “Metavangelism,” championing the imminent merger of humanity with Ai. Guiding us through tomorrow’s metamorphosis, Aragorn captivates and enlightens, one keynote at a time.

WEB3 Stage
Harry Yeh
Managing Director @ Quantum Fintech Group

Harry is the Managing Director at Quantum Fintech Group, Chairman of Quantum Events and Founder of $LIF3 at http://lif3.com. As a former CTO and Co-Founder for several startups, engineering background and over 15 years of experience in Technology and Business – this has contributed to his success as a renowned Web3 advisor and serial entrepreneur who has managed and developed technology solutions for organizations between 5 to 200 Million in revenue and worked at Fortune 50, 100, 500 companies, Hedge funds, Internet Startups and dotcoms. Harry also has years of experience trading stocks, options and currencies.

WEB3 Stage
Monika Weehuizen (Žalaitė)
Head of Growth @ VIRTUE

Monika is a Head of Growth, for VIRTUE, a creative agency powered by VICE Media Group – the award-winning independent youth media and entertainment company. From bringing Coca-Cola to Web3, organising music festivals in the deserts of the Middle East, to working with the UN to galvanize Ukrainian people to back up their cultural heritage in the virtual world for preservation and future rebuild. In 2022 VICE Media Group was named the 2nd most creative brand in the world by The Cannes Lions Festival. 


WEB3 Stage
Ilja Laurs
Founder & Chairman @ Nextury Ventures

Ilja Laurs – Entrepreneur, investor, futurist and social activist. Ilya currently heads the investment group Nextury, whose funds invest in high-tech companies ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar global corporations. Ilya has received numerous awards for his professional achievements, including “Technology Pioneer” (World Economic Forum Davos), “European CEO of the Year” (European Business Press Association), “10 Founders Changing the World” (TIME magazine), “25 European Tech Leaders” (Wall Street Journal), “40 Most Influential Persons in Telecoms” (Informa Telecoms and Media), and “The Top 20 Most Prominent Entrepreneurs in the Baltic Sea” (Baltic Business Forum).

WEB3 Stage
Panagiotis Papapaschalis
Senior Lead Legal Counsel @ European Central Bank

Panagiotis Papapaschalis is currently Senior Lead Legal Counsel at the Directorate General Legal Services of the European Central Bank, advising on i.a. the Digital Euro Project, operation and oversight of Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs), Fintech and Cybersecurity. Prior to that, he has worked as: (i) Senior Counsel (on secondment) at the International Monetary Fund’s Legal Department, dealing i.a. with technical assistance on central bank, banking and FMI legislation, and as Legal Team Leader with the European Securities and Markets Authority. He holds two LLM degrees in financial law (Aristotle University, Greece and Fordham University, USA, both summa cum laude) and is admitted to practice in Greece, New York, and England and Wales (as a solicitor). He is also a certified Data Protection Officer.

WEB3 Stage
Gordon Einstein
Founding Partner @ CryptoLaw Partners

Gordon is a hybrid Crypto-Attorney, Technologist, and Enterprise Strategist. Initially Gordon’s law practice centered on startup, venture capital, investment banking, regulatory compliance, intellectual property and general business law. As an avid computer and programming hobbyist, in 2012 Gordon was intrigued by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the related technologies. By 2014, he was providing legal services to several individuals and companies operating in this space. And by 2016 the majority of Gordon’s law practice involved working with crypto, blockchain and FinTech startups and funds, including as Chief Legal Officer of Distributed Lab. The practice was formalized as CryptoLaw Partners in 2017. Gordon frequently speaks and educates both in the United States and internationally.

WEB3 Stage
Nina Waldman
Customer Success Lead for the Central European region @ Chainalysis

Nina is a Customer Success Lead for the Central European region at Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis firm. With a background in traditional finance and deep expertise in the crypto space, she focuses on enabling Chainalysis customers—ranging from leading crypto exchanges to governments and law enforcement agencies—to navigate this dynamic industry successfully. Through her work, Nina also fosters transparency and trust in the crypto ecosystem

WEB3 Stage
Einoras Vaičiūnas
Senior Associate @ Lewben

Einoras is specializing in business-oriented legal services, particularly in the areas of Finance and Banking, including fintech licensing solutions, alternative finance and investment services, various crypto projects, DeFi, WEB3, blockchain and other related technologies. With the major focus on regulatory compliance, Einoras has the capability of advising the clients in expanding their businesses globally or ensuring exposure to the European market for businesses established in other jurisdictions.

WEB3 Stage
Rita Tamulytė
Associate Partner, Compliance Services @ Lewben

Rita is a certified AML specialist accredited by ACAMS with over 8 years of experience in AML compliance field. Her expertise extends to advising, guiding, and facilitating the AML/CTF compliance journey for various types of financial institutions, Fintech companies and crypto businesses, including support in licensing and authorization processes. With a strong focus on crypto, blockchain, WEB3 and Fintech domains, Rita successfully assists both national and international businesses in navigating complex AML/CTF regulatory landscapes.

WEB3 Stage
Domantas Pelaitis
CTO @ Lossless

CTO of Lossless, a leading web3 security firm. Domantas is a pivotal force in web3 security with a strong foundation in cybersecurity and blockchain. His diverse career includes key roles at Syntropy, focusing on developing decentralised networks, financial innovations at Voluto, DLT based solution and smart contract audits at Cryptodus, and digital health tech at Lympo. Domantas also brings a unique blend of experience from both web2 and web3 insurance spaces, making him a comprehensive authority in tech-driven security solutions.

WEB3 Stage
Astra Tikas
Founding Board Member @ Internet Native Organization

Astra is the Founding Board Member of INO (Internet Native Organization) that brings DAO solutions to the mainstream and is one of 20 projects selected to the EU Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox. Astra is a previous Board Member of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association, co-organizer of the world first ever DAO Conference DAO Day Estonia and a consultant on crypto regulations. As part of her desire to promote cooperation between crypto companies and regulators, she organized a conference titled “Crypto Companies Call to Comply and Cooperate” in 2022. She is also a strong spiritual mind and a musician. Being an entrepreneur since age 21, she will never stop to find solutions and fun in business.

WEB3 Stage
Ieva Trinkūnaitė
Group CEO @ iSUN AG

Ieva possesses deep expertise in guiding the strategic direction of iSUN AG’s portfolio of fintech companies. Her focus centers on the effort to seamlessly merge conventional financial practices with novel cutting-edge methods and innovative approaches, all in the pursuit of providing improved and forward-looking solutions for customers.

WEB3 Stage
Andrius Bartminas
Co-Founder and CEO @ SUPER HOW?

Andrius is a passionate Web3 visionary and outstanding international business development professional with a deep passion for emerging technologies and innovations. As a market professional, he is an active participant in governmental and institutional working groups and projects setting the regulatory framework for digital assets in Lithuania and the European Union. Andrius is also a representative of Blockchain Lithuania.

WEB3 Stage
Mindaugas Civilka
Partner @ TGS Baltic

Mindaugas is partner with TGS Baltic, head of Technology and Media Group. With over 20 years of practise in IT law, he manages the most complex and innovative IT, data and media projects. Mindaugas is active writer and vocal speaker on AI, Metaverse and blockchain law.

WEB3 Stage
Mindaugas Petrauskas
Head of Financial Crime Prevention @ AMLYZE

Mindaugas spent his whole career (more than 30 years) serving law enforcement agencies (police, FIU, Europol), where he spent most of his time specializing in financial crime investigation. His attitude to the law’s application was impacted by these experiences, which also improved his capacity to share his knowledge with colleagues. In his new position as Head of Financial Crime Prevention at AMLYZE he is assisting to improve IT solutions to fight Financial crime and AML, as well training, OSINT investigations for due diligence.

WEB3 Stage
Vytautas Kašėta
President @ Crypto Economy Organisation

Vytautas is an entrepreneur and a community builder. He is a deep tech and Next Reality enthusiast and visionary, diving deep into the world of token economics, securitization, digital innovations, and crypto economy development. Vytautas is also a co-founder and digital innovations hero at SUPER HOW? – a private DARQ technologies lab; a co-founder of Blockchain Lithuania competence centre.

Networking Jam Session
Monika Sviderskė
Seasoned Web3 CMO

Monika stepped into the tech scene in 2017. Through digital brand identity creation, unique marketing strategies that are highly based on sustainable, organic growth, she has helped numerous projects carve out their niche and stand out in competitive markets. Prior to crypto, Monika led marketing activities at Eskimi, one of the fastest-growing AdTech platforms today. Once she embraced Web3, for two years she was the CMO of Lossless, a web3 cybersecurity company battling hacks and exploits, and helped multiple projects and protocols along the way. Experienced across DeFi, Web3 security, NFTs, metaverse, and GameFi, she’s happy to share that marketing know-how with the Web3 community.

Networking Jam Session
Šarūnas Legeckas
General Partner @ Founderheads

Investor of multiple crypto projects (30+) and has been an active investor since 2017. Experienced as a General Manager at Neobank N26 and Barclays Bank, featured in The New York Times, CNN, Irish Times, and other leading media outlets across the globe. Recognized as one of the top 100 digital challengers (NEWEUROPE100) in the CEE region by Google and the Financial Times.

WEB3 Stage
Karolis Jonuška
Head of Legal @ Swissmoney/iSun

Karolis currently serves as the Head of Legal at swissmoney/iSun, bringing with him nearly a decade of experience in the field of legal affairs. His professional journey has seen him contribute his legal expertise at notable organizations, including Ignitis, WePower, and most recently, Binance, where he held the position of Head of Regulatory Legal for the Baltics, Nordics, CEE, and Cyprus, as well as Head of Legal for Binance Lithuania. Karolis possesses a deep understanding of emerging technologies like blockchain and web3, along with the intricate legal regulations that often surround them. One of his strengths lies in simplifying complex legal concepts for easier comprehension. He has also shared his knowledge through lectures and conferences held across Europe, demonstrating his ability to effectively communicate intricate legal information to diverse audiences.

WEB3 Stage
Gintarė Košubienė
PMP Product Manager | CEO & Co-Founder at micapass

Gintarė is a PMP certified Product Manager with a successful history of building privacy and decentralized identity protocols at SUPER HOW? Prior to that, she led international projects of  biometric travel documents issuance systems. For the past year, Gintare is the CEO & Co-Founder of Micapass – compliance on chain solution for DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

WEB3 Stage
Vilius Oškeliūnas
Partner, Wealth manager @ Gerovės valdymas

Vilius Oškeliūnas is one of the founding partners and a wealth manager in the oldest and largest independent licensed multi-family office, Gerovės valdymas in Lithuania. Vilius has a master‘s degree in Finance from Vilnius University and is a CFA charter holder. With more than 15 years of experience in the wealth management field, Vilius has a history of consistent clients’ wealth growth through financial planning, investment management, strategic business management (including acquisitions and sales), tax planning, inheritance planning, and management. Vilius is renowned for his holistic approach and financial engineering.

WEB3 Stage
Adrijus Jusas
Director General @ Centre of Registers

Adrijus is the Director at State Enterprise Centre of Registers in Lithuania, which manages the main information resources of the state – national registers and information systems. In his previous role as Director of Strategic Development Adrijus significantly contributed to shifting the enterprise towards progress and innovation. Adrijus’ outstanding experience in the fields of business consulting and development while working at Ernst&Young, Telia Lietuva, Gjensidige companies allows the state-owned company to follow the path of modern management and service digitalization.

Networking Jam Session
Andreas Mavrikos
Business Development Manager @ Cyberscope

Andreas has led the business development efforts at Cyberscope, a leading smart contract auditing firm renowned for its partnerships with giants in the crypto world such as CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap, and Polygon. Andreas brings forward an experience of over 5 years in the web2 and web3 sector. He joined Cyberscope in 2022 and has since then led the company to establish pivotal collaborations within the crypto space.

WEB3 Stage
Saulius Galatiltis
Independent Member of Supervisory Council @ National Promotion Institution “INVEGA”

Currently: Independent Member of Supervisory Council at National Promotion Institution “INVEGA”
Previously: CEO and Board Member at UAB Bifinity (Binance). Director of Investment Management Department at Lietuvos Bankas. Co-owner and Director of algorithmic trading infrastructure and research company.

Networking Jam Session
Laurynas Vainius
Game producer @ Engines of Fury

Laurynas holds over a decade of gamedev experience. Leading teams from concept to release for mobile and PC, he understands their unique needs. As a board member of the Lithuanian Game Developers Association, Laurynas is not just a seasoned pro but also a dedicated contributor. His work with Engines of Fury, a web3 game company, reflects his forward-looking perspective in game development.

WEB3 Stage
Kati Aronson
Founder @ GameFi Alliance DAO

A seasoned Startup Mentor, Angel investor, VC scout and Web3 Fundraising Agent with substantial experience in tokensale strategy, investments in digital assets and assets tokenisation consulting and brokerage. With a professional inception in disruptive technologies since 2002 and a over a decade stronghold in financial services, her past seven years have been dedicated to blockchain innovation, with a targeted investment interest in the web3 ecosystem, including open finance, security tokens, asset tokenisation, DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. Being instrumental in securing over $10 million for web3 startups over the last five years, her current initiative is the cultivation of an influential trust network that connects crypto venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, top executives, seasoned capital advisors and allocators, as well as key opinion leaders and noted public figures within the industry.

WEB3 Stage
Andrius Baranauskas
Founder and Head @ the reputation agency WINNING

Former head of ”Tele2” corporate communications for the Baltic States. While working in „Tele2”, Andrius achieved Communication Tandem of the Year 2015. The award was granted for the best communication performance of both CEO and spokesperson in Lithuania, issued by the Lithuanian Public Relations Specialists Association & Lithuanian Public Relations Agencies Association.

WEB3 Stage
Raimondas Martinavičius
Advisor within the Innovation Policy Division @ the Ministry of Economy and Innovation

Raimondas Martinavicius serves as an advisor within the Innovation Policy Division at the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. With the majority of his career dedicated to the public sector, he held various roles over the years. From 2007 to 2010, Raimondas served as an Economic Attaché at the Lithuanian Embassy in Kazakhstan. From 2017 to 2020, he played a crucial role as a Commercial Attaché in Israel, making significant contributions to the promotion of Lithuania’s innovation ecosystem and fostering business ties with Israel. Raimondas also boasts experience in the banking sector.

WEB3 Stage
Benas Poderis
Head of Investment Management and Partner @ Nter

Benas Poderis is a head of investment management and a partner of Nter – one of a leading Lithuanian asset management firms, specialising in private debt, private equity and real estate. Within the last 10 years Benas was a fund manager, member of investment committees and advisory boards of more than 15 different investment funds investing in different asset classes from renewable energy, social infrastructure to alternative lending and fintechs.

Education Prerequisite
Erika Godlevska
Founder @ Future Society Institute

Political sociologist with expertise in policy-making, cultural policy, and creative industries. She has contributed to Lithuania’s strategic development, including the “Lithuania 2030” strategy. Erika’s work spans business, academia, and the public sector, and she has been recognized with awards for promoting social innovation and collaboration between science and business. Her recent research focuses on innovative technologies in cultural and creative industries. She’s also known for curating the conference “The Future of Lithuanian Cinema in the Global Market.

Education Prerequisite
Eglė Radvilė
Assoc. Prof. @ VU Business School, CEO of Future Society Institute

Recognized by Bloomberg Philanthropies in 2021 for her innovative endeavors, VU Business School Assoc. Prof. Eglė Radvilė is a Harvard University alumnus with deep expertise in digital policy and engineering informatics. As the visionary behind the digitalization strategy of Vilnius and the leader of the Lithuanian IT Leaders Club CIO.LT, she’s played a pivotal role in shaping Lithuania’s tech landscape. Her collaborative efforts in Bucha’s digital transformation and the creation of the “Emotional Breakthrough” VR exhibition, showcased in global cities like London and Warsaw, further underscore her multifaceted contributions to the tech world.

Education Prerequisite
Benediktas Terminas
Cybersecurity Expert / CEO @ “Kombo Market”

I’m an 18-year-old high school senior making waves in the world of cybersecurity and entrepreneurship. I have joined Gedimino Legionas and have already shared my cybersecurity expertise with over 300 individuals, co-founded a startup with investment backing, pitched my idea in 3 countries, and built several web projects. Don’t miss the chance to learn from me at WEB3: Education Prerequisite

Education Prerequisite
Jonas Jünger
CEO @ UAB Bifinity

Jonas Jünger is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Bifinity UAB and the Managing Director for the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) for Binance. Jonas has been active in the Crypto and Blockchain space for more than 10 years and believes in the disruptive potential of web3.

Education Prerequisite
Tomas Martūnas
Web3 Investor, Builder

A prolific early-stage Venture Capital fund partner, Board Member & Angel Investor, bringing over 20 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Early-stage investment management & Banking. Investment portfolio includes 60 investments, incubated or co-founded projects.

Education Prerequisite
Matas Baliukonis
CEO @ VJHS Endowment

As he gears up for his 11th grade at Vilnius Jesuit High School, Matas already stands tall in the financial arena. Ascending the endowment ranks, he pioneered his school’s Investment Club and boasts internships with leading firms, most notably Contrarian Ventures. His crypto journey began at 13, delving into both investment strategies and daring futures trading. Matas, a young financial prodigy, is reshaping the norms of youth ambition.

Education Prerequisite
Aaron S.
Editor-in-Chief @ Bitdegree

Boasting nearly a decade of experience in the FinTech realm, he’s an authoritative voice on crypto challenges and Web3 intricacies. As the Editor-In-Chief at BitDegree and a fervent advocate for blockchain education, Aaron’s insights bridge the gap between Web3 natives and industry neophytes. A published author, he’s been cited by renowned outlets and remains ever-curious, always on the hunt for the next market supernova.

Education Prerequisite & Networking Jam Session
Thomas Tumosa
VR and NFT technologist | CEO @ Zen Republic

Thomas is an award-winning game developer and creative technologist with a focus in the VR and Web3 industries. He graduated from Vilnius Tech University in 2020 with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and soon after founded a games and entertainment brand called Zen Republic with a mission to celebrate, push awareness on new technologies, and get people to bond through playing games. As a lifelong gamer himself, Thomas is very passionate about the prospect of a decentralized future of gaming and socializing, powered by NFT technology.


web3 by TGS Baltic
WEB3 Stage
08:00- 09:00

Registration & Welcome coffee

09:00- 09:15

Opening speech by Aušrinė Armonaitė (Minister of Economy and Innovation). Opening introduction by MCs


Invited Speaker:
Gordon Einstein (Founding Partner @ CryptoLaw Partners)
Innovative Web3 Use Cases for SDG and ESG


Keynote Speaker:
Harry Yeh (Managing Director @ Quantum Fintech Group)
Unlocking the Potential of Web3 through Consumer DeFi, iGaming and Entertainment


Invited Speaker:
Ilja Laurs (Founder & Chairman @ Nextury Ventures)
Decentralised applications and organisations


Invited Speaker:
Monika Weehuizen (Zalaite) (Head of Growth @ VIRTUE)
Unlocking new audiences with the power of Web3. How Coca-Cola Creations embraced new technologies to connect with the elusive GenZ.


Coffee break & Networking Jam Session
(Networking lounge)


Keynote Speaker:
J.D. Salbego (CEO @ Moonstax & Hash3 Labs)
Navigating the NFT Revolution: Unleashing the Power of Digital Ownership


Keynote Speaker:
Aragorn Meulendijks (Futurist, Metaverse Critic, Believer & Speaker | Advisor | Explorer | StoryTeller @ ItsMrMetaverse)
Ai & Web3: Decade of Disruption


Panel Discussion I: Digital Assets: The Future and Promises of Real-World Asset Tokenization
(Moderator: Andrius Bartminas Co-Founder and CEO @ SUPER HOW?)



  • J.D. Salbego (CEO @ Moonstax & Hash3 Labs)
  • Adrijus Jusas (Director General @ Centre of Registers)
  • Kati Aronson (Founder @ GameFi Alliance DAO)

Lunch break (Networking lounge).
Hot meals available for sale.


Invited Speaker:

Justas Pangonis (Head of Legal Affairs @ MEV Capital)
Implication of DeFi in traditional economy & personal finance


Invited Speaker:
Nina Waldman (Chainalysis) & Rita Tamulytė (Associate Partner, Compliance Services @ Lewben)
WEB3: from Winter to Spring


Keynote Speaker:
Panagiotis Papapaschalis (Senior Lead Legal Counsel @ European Central Bank)
The Digital Euro Project


Panel discussion II. MiCAR: Will the crypto become part of traditional finance?
(Moderator: Einoras Vaičiūnas @ LEWBEN)



  • Mindaugas Petrauskas, Head of Financial Crime Prevention @ AMLYZE
  • Karolis Jonuška, Head of Legal @ Swissmoney/iSun
  • Gintarė Košubienė, PMP Product Manager | CEO & Co-Founder at micapass
  • Vaida Markevičienė, Vice-Minister @ the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.

Coffee break & Networking Jam Session
(Networking lounge)


Keynote Speaker:
Deborah Perry Piscione (Chief Executive Officer @ Work3 Institute; Co-author of “Employment is Dead!”)
Gen AI, Web3 + the Future of Work


Invited Speaker:
Ieva Trinkūnaitė (Group CEO @ iSUN AG)
What factors can strengthen Bitcoin’s position in the Web3 market?


Invited Speaker:
Astra Tikas (Founding Board Member @ Internet Native Organization)
Internet Native Organization & AI: Shaping the Future of DAOs


Invited Speaker:
Domantas Pelaitis CTO @ Lossless
Decoding Web3 Security: From Basic Pitfalls to Advanced Solutions


Panel discussion III: The New Money Generation – are digital assets becoming attractive investments?
(Moderator: Andrius Baranauskas, Founder and Head @ the reputation agency WINNING)



  • Vilius Oškeliūnas, Partner, Wealth manager @ Gerovės valdymas
  • Vytautas Kašėta, President @ Crypto Economy Organisation
  • Saulius Galatiltis, Independent Member of Supervisory Council @ National Promotion Institution “INVEGA”
  • Raimondas Martinavičius, Advisor within the Innovation Policy Division @ the Ministry of Economy and Innovation
  • Benas Poderis, Head of Investment Management and Partner @ Nter

End of Summit

web3 by TGS Baltic
Networking Jam Session

Moderator: Vytautas Kašėta, President @ Crypto Economy Organisation


Web3 Marketing: Fight the Bear, Ride the Bull with:
Monika Sviderskė, Seasoned Web3 CMO and
Šarūnas Legeckas, General Partner @ Founderheads


Projects that are building in the current industry environment, in most cases, are under the illusion that the conditions are still of the bull market. This can be seen from multiple angles – overly bullish pitching to VCs, voicing unrealistic valuations, initiating a marketing strategy that is based on hype, paid media, and not applicable through the bear, and many more.


Why is it so? Perhaps teams do not feel the difference in tactics and how to act when the market is up versus when it’s way down?


In this session, Šarūnas, General Partner at Founderheads, and Monika, a seasoned Web3 CMO with multiple use cases in her pocket, will discuss common mistakes made by project teams from the VC and marketing perspectives as well as how they should act in the face of a bear instead.


How Web3 will grow/change gaming industry?
Laurynas Vainius, Game producer @ Engines of Fury


As the gaming industry surges forward, the question of penetrating new markets arises. While free-to-play games have a low entry barrier, issues with long-term engagement and microtransactions persist. Web3 presents a transformative solution, enabling developers to craft alternative game economy models, removing these hurdles and ushering in a new era of sustainability and innovation.



How The Crypto Industry Could Have Saved $1B From Hacks This Year

Andreas Mavrikos, Business Development Manager @ Cyberscope


Discover the world of crypto hacks by deep-diving into big attacks like Euler and Curve Finance. Learn about the most common weaknesses and contract vulnerabilities, and what you can do to avoid them.


Harsh Reality of Monetizing a Web3 Game

Thomas Tumosa, VR and NFT technologist | CEO @ Zen Republic


Millions of dollars and years into development of web3 gaming, and it seems that still no one has cracked the code. New ponzi games replace the washed ones and the real game seems to be getting in quick and knowing when to dump. Let’s try and see if this is the end of the road for web3 gaming or is there a light at the end of the tunnel

web3 by TGS Baltic
Side event “education prerequisite”

This track is designed for both students and educators within the school community.

In collaboration with the Vilnius University Business School visionaries, engage with leading Web3 educators, business innovators, and the young torchbearers of tomorrow. All come together to sculpt an educational narrative that’s not just about the now, but about the next.


Our Ambition?


Illuminate the potential of Web3 technology, bringing to life its everyday applications and painting a vision of an education sector revolutionized by Web3.


Why Web3 in education?

Web3 technology aims to enhance the teaching and learning process by harnessing the full potential of technology. Web3 incorporates tools such as artificial intelligence, the Metaverse, blockchain, gameFi, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to simplify access to a wealth of information for individuals worldwide. With the assistance of technology, educators can create more captivating assignments, fostering greater engagement in the learning process.


Web3 Welcome: Entering the New Era in Education


Thomas Tumosa (VR and NFT technologist | CEO @ Zen Republic): The Rise of Web3 Culture


Aaron S. (Editor-in-Chief @ Bitdegree)
Web 3.0 Decoded: Beyond the Buzz


Tomas Martūnas (Web3 Investor, Builder) & Matas Baliukonis (CEO @ VJHS Endowment)
Crypto is knocking




Coffee break: Networking


Jonas Jünger (Regional Manager @ Binance)
GameFi & the Metaverse


Benediktas Terminas (Cybersecurity Expert / Programmer / CEO of “Kombo Market”)
My Cyber Story: from scrolling to action


Closing & A Digital Wonderland Awaits

Teachers VIP Section (1.3 Litexpo conference room)


Web 3.0 for Educators: Exploring Digital Literacy Across Disciplines for Modern Pedagogy.
Dr. Eglė Radvilė (Assoc. Prof. @ VU Business School, CEO @ Future Society Institute)


Discussion: Digital culture and etiquette: how to build young person’s values?

Reserve your place now